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[October 27, 2007 - Tastes and preferences can change. I have not updated this pipe site since March of 2004 and have been smoking and enjoying cigars almost exclusively for the last two years now. I'm sure the pipes will surface again - please enjoy all the information here. ]

I enjoy a good cigar on occasion, but my real love is the pipe. There is such a variety and complexity in tobacco blends that I don't find in cigars. And I'm not talking about the "honey cavendish" and "cherry vanilla" flavored pipe tobaccos - it's the straight Virginia and the English and Balkan blends I find so enjoyable.

At this site I'll share some information and pictures with you, and on the Links page I'll point you to a number of great resources so you can explore pipes to your heart's content.

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Albert Einstein said, Pipe smoking contributes to a somewhat calm                                                                                                                         and objective judgement in all human affairs.
 Albert Einstein said, "Pipe smoking contributes
to a somewhat calm and objective judgment
in all human affairs."

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